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Mario and Stefano Martone made various social and anthropological documentaries, in collaboration with NGOs and public institutions in Bosnia, South America, Palestine and Lebanon. From 2006 to 2010 they coordinated courses for digital video making in palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon. They are among the authors of NAPOLI 24, documentary produced by Indigo Film and screened at Turino Film Festival 2010. Like fireflies, their last work based in Cilean Patagonia, was selected in more than 70 festivals in 25 countries winning several awards.


Audioimage is an independent production company dedicated to the development and production of documentaries and art films that encourages international and border co-productions. It produced Like Fireflies and collaborated as associated producer, among the others, of Là-bas, by Guido Lombardi, winner of Leone del Futuro at Mostra internazionale del cinema di Venezia 2011, Uoldìsnei, by Andrea Della Monica, selected at Raindance Film Festival 2013 and Gaza Hospital, by Marco Pasquini, Italian Golden Globe as Best documentary in 2010.  |